Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Like a Fleeting Zephyr (Part 2) - A Short Story

Fred could inescapably be described in simple words – happy-go-lucky. An initial notice of him never left an impressive opinion of a striking personality. Brown eyes, a firmly fixed nose, a pair of small lips that twitched intermittently, coupled with a smooth-shaven face did complement his gangling physique.

They met for the first time at an ordinary spot but in an unusual circumstance – a Chicken-and-Chips kiosk.

“Chips please”, they both chorused at the stand ordering for the crispy-looking bouquet of chips, at the same time. Looking inexpressively at each other, Fred offered her a wry smile.

“Please I’m very sorry”, the kiosk-tender alarmed, “this is the last pack I have for today. Just about closing for the day. I guess it’s only one of you that has to take the bunch.”

They involuntarily stared at each other again. “All right”, said Fred, “ladies first.” The kiosk-tender chuckled. “No, c’mon”, exclaimed Amy, “I’d always do without the chips. You go ahead and take the stuff.”

Fred took a mock bow, “I insist.”

The tender giggled out loudly, “Senorita, honour the gentleman’s request. You can have the chips.”

Amy, defeated, unwillingly took the pack, as she fidgeted through her handbag to pay for the snack.

“Care for some mayonnaise or ketch-up?”, the kiosk-tender inquired.

To be continued...

Adewale Ajani

© AMA January 2006

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FG said...

Nice piece! An interesting read