Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bouncing Back

This morning, I decide to wipe the dust off my writing pad, after months of ineluctable muteness. All slip-ups are not mine – no thanks to the numerous lectures, assignments, examinations, fieldwork, group work, and other “brothers (or are they sisters?) in (h)arms”. Yes, that’s what these activities have been as I agnise the impairments they’ve infringed on my writing rights. Never mind, I’m just trying to push the censure somewhere else. Guess, I’ve to get a working schedule, if I’m to meet up with these obligations.

I realise there’re so many articles to finish up (many still unwritten). I can’t find my scripts and scribbles through which I’ve tried to express my thoughts one time or the other. I decide to tump over the whole room, (furniture, wardrobe and all) looking for bits and scraps of paper. I step back and stare after moments of unrelenting rummaging around – it looks is if a hurricane had just hit this shell! The poor room itself seems to be agonizing from weeks of accumulation of dirt.

Hello, shell”, I soothingly say to it “I promise we gonna do some cleaning-up today. I promise.

Nonetheless, scripts or no scripts, time or no time, I’ve decided to be like that lil’ ever-ready rabbit that just keeps going rat-tat-tat no matter what. That’s my resolve and that’s what I’ll keep to ‘cause I’m bouncing back to these web pages, and this time around, there ain’t no stopping me!!!

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fg said...

Good writing. I can actually see and feel your writing. I'm loving it!