Sunday, January 08, 2006

Like a Fleeting Zephyr (Part 1) - A Short Story

“No. Thanks, Hilda. I think I’d rather stay indoors to read some novels, have some nice burgers and watch some movies. You guys should have a nice time. Cheerio.”

“C’mon Amy,” Hilda replied with an insisting tone, while appraising her swimming trunk in the mirror, “you’ve been very busy with the volunteer group all this while. I think you deserve a break – take some time out at the beach, enjoy the warm radiant sun, meet a couple of guys…”

“I said no!”, snapped Amy. Hilda turned from the mirror and strolled in her direction, with a persuasive look on her face. “Hey, you’ve been unnecessarily edgy about this whole issue. A couple of hours at the resort won’t…”

“No! No!! No!!! Please let me be!” Amy screamed and burst into tears as she ostentatiously flung the hardcover magazine she was reading at an enthralled Hilda, who narrowly missed being hit by the novel by a trifle.

Standing perplexed and confused for a few reclusive moments, Hilda mustered up some courage to approach Amy, who had withdrawn into a niche of her bed, uncontrollably sobbing. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to do that, but…” she paused, “…you won’t understand.”

Hilda stooped toward her disquieted mate staring at her, obviously carked as well. Eventually, she sat on the edge of the bed dotingly close to assuage the feelings of her perturbed friend. “Amy, it seems there’s more to this issue about going to the beach. I’m quite shocked seeing you reacting like that.” She rhetorically inquired, as she soothingly stroke Amy’s hair. “I know I’m in the dark about something. All this while the feeling won’t go. Please tell me, what’s the bother and whole emotions about?”

Amy looked up. She momentarily stared into Hilda’s extremely bewildered face, searching for an assurance deep within those eyes. Her gaze dropped. “Forget it Hilda. You won’t understand.” Hilda didn’t give up. “Come off it girl. I can’t live with this feeling about you hiding something away from me. It makes me feel creepy and untrustworthy. Please whatever it is, you have a confidant in me.”

Again, Amy burst into tears. “All right, I will”, she mumbled between sobs, as Hilda affectionately drew her toward her bosom, “I will…”

To be continued...

Adewale Ajani

© AMA January 2006