Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Celebration of Life

I stumbled on a poem I wrote for one of the cultural ceremonies (African Night) during my PG studies. I just realised it’s been a while I wrote a line of poetry. I must confess it’s tough doing this part of creative writing. A couple of writer-friends have confirmed that. Nonetheless, I decided to post this poetry (the edited version) titled “Celebration of Life”. Hope it doesn’t read too tawdry ;-)

Celebration of Life
by Adewale Ajani

Greetings from the land of the Nubia
Home of the black, bold and beautiful
The cradle of life, poise and splendour
Where valiance and zeal reign supreme
Conquering all odds and disenchantment

The heat ‘though like a second skin
Warms up our ardent generous hearts
Fortifying the bonds of brotherliness
Healing the pains and gashes of history
Ushering in life, hope and rejuvenation

From the affluent beds of the Gold Coast
To the chilly pinnacles of the Kilimanjaro
From the alluring thrones of the Pharaohs
To the famous caverns of the heroic Zulus
Echoes this grand song celebrating our pride

Memorable and notable is our heritage
As you savour the grandest of all continents
A people of colour, elegance and history
Welcome to the oasis and dynasty of verve
Welcome to the “Celebration of Life”!

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