Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Eyes

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced some discomfort in my eyes. Nonetheless, the pains were short-lived hence, I dismissed the issue. This morning with my chin placed in the hollow provided by my palms, I read my mails and other correspondences that needed attention (not without peeping to know what the dailies and friends’ blogs read). Suddenly, I felt a stream of cold substance trickling down my right cheek straight into my palms. I had to pay a quick glance up towards the ceiling to check for any leakage through the roof. Alas! the ‘leakage’ came from my very eye. With a swipe, I cleaned off the stream of tears from my glands. I was utterly shocked by the fact that I could be ‘crying’ without my knowing. I rushed to the convenience to have a look at my eyes in the mirror. More shockingly, I discovered my right eye was sore-red. This finding seemed to aggravate the pain as I began to experience excruciating pain on the right side of my forehead.

Being an individual that’d rather prefer not to bother others with his predicaments, the only thing that got me worried is how to prevent work mates from seeing the abnormal eye and more particularly inquiring about it. The pains remained unabated, rather they aggravated to severe headache and acute body discomfort. I knew immediately I won’t be able to do much at work today. God! Not today when I had to visit a number of sites for inspection, update my overly due report, send some correspondences and complete other chores.

This agonizing experience brought to the fore once more, a critical lesson – how seemingly little things usually overlooked can affect the larger picture. The surface area of the eyes to that of the body can be considered to be infinitesimal. However, any form of distress experienced in this diminutive body organ could slow or even probably shut down the whole body system.

I remember how abstract words have destroyed physical properties due to the anger they spark in their circumstantial victims. I have also observed how very ordinary smiles have melted stone-cold hearts. In addition, I have experienced how ostensibly common compliments and commendations have spurred individuals to stretch themselves to the limits so as to achieve organisational goals in a self-less manner. Coincidentally, as I left the convenience for the switchyard I watched how an artisan put together some pieces of furniture using nails. Truly, the most important things in life are almost insignificant.

I decided to get some pain killers to relieve me of this assortment of distresses. More importantly, I think it is time I got a screen shield for my laptop before I have on a permanent pair of shields (also christened “spectacles”) supported by my ears and nose.

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Vera Ezimora said...

Yeah, I'm thinking about getting a shield too. I don't want ti start wearing trifocals.